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Virtual Consultations

While an in-person consultation remains irreplaceable, Dr. N. Nick Bhatt attends to numerous patients who come from various parts of the United States. To enhance your convenience, we provide Virtual Consultations through telephone or video-conference for patients living more than 100 miles away from our office in Evans, Georgia. This approach eliminates the necessity for you to make multiple trips to our location for an in-person consultation and subsequent scheduled procedure(s).

Preparing for your Virtual Consultation with Dr. N. Nick Bhatt

Prior to your Virtual Consultation, please email your photographs to Please see below for the photo positioning to send Dr. Bhatt. These views allow Dr. Bhatt to review your anatomy through your photographs and have an in-depth discussion with you about your aesthetic objectives. Armed with this valuable information, Dr. Bhatt can provide comprehensive insights into the range of options available to achieve your goals, assisting you in selecting the procedure(s) that are best suited to your unique needs.


Following your Virtual Consultation, our patient coordinator will be able to provide you with precise pricing details for your chosen procedures. Furthermore, they will assist you with various logistics, including scheduling your procedures, making travel and lodging arrangements, and offering other personalized services.

Photographic Views for Your Virtual Consultation 

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