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Facial Implants

A common saying suggests that beauty is only superficial, skin deep, yet it is the distinct bone structure that ultimately shapes an individual's face. The contour of the face, including the cheekbones, chin, and other facial attributes, significantly contributes to the face's overall aesthetic. Dr. N. Nick Bhatt provides facial implants that achieve a natural enhancement in specific facial areas, ensuring harmonious contours while preserving a balanced and authentic look.

Chin Enhancement

Facial balance is influenced by a harmonious chin, which contributes to a well-defined jawline. In males, a robust jawline is linked with masculinity, whereas in females, a harmonized chin is linked with attractiveness. For individuals dissatisfied with their chin's size and shape, chin enhancement surgery presents an appealing solution. This procedure is suitable for both men and women. Through the utilization of custom-shaped implants, Dr. Bhatt can augment the chin's dimensions to align better with other facial features, including the nose. Often, chin enhancement is combined with rhinoplasty, achieving a more synchronized and aesthetically pleasing facial appearance.

Cheek Enhancement

Elevated and well-defined cheekbones have historically been associated with beauty. To enhance the cheeks, the use of cheek implants is a common approach. These implants are meticulously contoured to align with the natural cheekbone structure. Placed discreetly against the cheekbones, they are introduced through minor incisions concealed within the mouth.

Other Facial Implants

Dr. Bhatt also offer other facial implants including tear trough implants to smooth the hollows beneath the eyes, angle of the jaw implants to create a more prominent posterior jawline, temple implants to fill the hollows that may occur with fat loss during the aging process, and lip implants to enhance the prominence and size of the lips. Make an appointment today with Dr. Bhatt to discuss your aesthetic goals!


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