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A dimple is a unique feature characterized by a small depression or open space in the facial muscles. When smiling, the dimple deepens, and it becomes less noticeable when the face is at rest. Facial plastic surgeons use two primary surgical approaches to create dimples.

The first method is the stitch method, which is relatively straightforward. A dimple is created using a single suture passed from inside the mouth, catching the underside of the cheek skin and forming a dimple when tied. However, this type of dimple is temporary and may be lost if the stitch becomes loose due to rubbing the face. Moreover, it remains static and does not deepen with smiling or flatten when the face is at rest.

The second approach of dimpleplasty or dimple creation, most closely mimics a naturally occurring dimple by creating a permanent defect in the facial muscles. This surgical method involves creating a dimple from inside the mouth, resulting in a dimple that appears while smiling or animating the face once it has fully healed. Though more complex, this type of surgically created dimple most closely resembles a naturally-occurring one.

Dr. N. Nick Bhatt is proficient in both categories of dimple creation techniques. He is committed to listening to your concerns and goals attentively and will discuss the surgical options to best meet your desired outcomes.

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