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Necklift surgery is a procedure that targets the signs of aging in the neck and under the chin by addressing excess fat, muscle, and skin. Typically, individuals who have excess skin in the neck and chin area also experience jowling along the jawline and excess skin in the face. It is rare for the aging process to affect only the neck with excessive skin.

Many individuals may focus on their neck as the primary concern and consider necklift surgery to address their issues. However, opting for necklift surgery alone can often lead to an unnatural appearance from tightening only the neck, but leaving the jawline and jowls untreated. It's essential to consider the overall facial balance.

Necklift surgery is a component of facelift surgery, and for those with excess skin in the neck, jowling, and facial skin, a facelift procedure may yield the best results. Dr. N. Nick Bhatt, a highly skilled and experienced necklift and facelift surgeon, can help individuals determine whether necklift surgery or facelift surgery is the most suitable approach to achieve their cosmetic goals. If you have any questions or concerns, Dr. Bhatt is available to address them and guide you through the decision-making process.

Necklift Procedure

Necklift surgery involves discreet incisions hidden under the chin and behind the ears. These incisions are also utilized during facelift surgery, where they are incorporated into the overall procedure. The incision under the chin allows for the removal of fat and tightening of the underlying muscles. Through the incisions behind the ears, the sagging neck muscles are repositioned to tighten the neckline. Subsequently, any excess neck skin is carefully removed.

By combining fat removal, tightening of the sagging neck muscles, and removal of excess skin, the necklift surgery achieves a smooth, youthful, and natural-looking neck appearance. Dr. N. Nick Bhatt frequently performs necklift surgery as part of facelift procedures to enhance the smoothness of the jowls and neck, resulting in a refreshed and more youthful appearance.


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