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Facelift / Necklift Surgery

Case 2-Facelift/Necklift, Chin Implant

Age: 68

Case Description: With a healthy lifestyle and ironclad genetics, this patient has always defied age…except for the loose skin and bands of her neck. In this case, a facelift and necklift was performed to recontour the neck and jawline. The chin implant is an excellent complement to the facelift in offering more chin projection (arrow) and accentuating the jawline.  Furthermore, the implant can smooth contour irregularities of the chin, as seen in this case. The chin implant is placed through an incision normally used in the facelift, thereby obviating the need for additional incisions in this case.  This case was performed by Nick Bhatt, M.D. who serves the Aiken/Augusta metro area. Photos were taken 4 weeks after surgery.

**These photos are presented with the consent of this patient. Your actual surgical result may vary depending on factors such as your anatomy, healing, etc.

N.Bhatt-Facelift2-Chin Implant-Before and After-R-Lateral.JPG
N.Bhatt-Facelift2-Chin Implant-Before and After-L-Lateral.JPG
N.Bhatt-Facelift2-Chin Implant-Before and After-L-Oblique.JPG
N.Bhatt-Facelift2-Chin Implant-Before and After-AP.JPG
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