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Laser Skin Resurfacing

Case 1-Laser Skin Resurfacing,

Age: 62

Case Description: Like many, this patient has a love of the great outdoors. Unfortunately, accumulative sun exposure leads to photoaging , or sun damage, which is characterized by loss of skin elasticity, formation of fine wrinkles and sun spots.  This patient has been bothered by these changes for years, and wished to seek correction. In a single session, the following conditions can be treated simultaneously: fine wrinkles, sun damage, scars, loss of skin tone as well as thinning, crepe-like eyelid skin. Think of laser resurfacing as “pushing the reset button” to your skin. Case performed by Nick Bhatt, M.D., who serves the Aiken and Augusta area. Photos were taken three months after the procedure.

**These photos are presented with the consent of this patient. Your actual surgical result may vary depending on factors such as your anatomy, healing, etc.

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