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Mid-Face Rejuvenation

Case 1- Mid-Face Rejuvenation

Procedures Performed: 

-Placement of Implantech® Conform Midface Implants

-Full face Erbium micropeel


Age: 58 

Case Description: This patient was bothered about hollowing and flatness of the cheeks and midface. With age, the fat pads of the cheek and midface descend and atrophy. Traditional techniques in rejuvenating the midface focused on lifting of this region. However, lifting results in a pulled, flattened, and unnatural appearance .  Rather, the key is adding volume  rather than lifting in midfacial rejuvenation. Rather than using visible external incisions, these implants were placed through small incisions in the mouth. This allows for balanced augmentation of this region. Erbium micropeel was also performed to refine pigmentary blemishes of the skin.  In one week, patients may transition to regular activity and regular  diet. This case was performed by Nick Bhatt, M.D.,serving the Aiken/Augusta area. Photos were taken four weeks after surgery.

**These photos are presented with the consent of this patient. Your actual surgical result may vary depending on factors such as your anatomy, healing, etc.

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